[texbirds-freelists] [texbirds] 4-15-12 New arrivals + @ Warbler Woods

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4-15-12 New arrivals + @ Warbler Woods

First, Warbler Woods weather is online at our webpage or


Now for today's highlights:  Common Nighthawk, 8 Chuck-will's-widows, Great 
Crested Flycatcher,  Multiple Hutton's Vireos, possible Red-eyed Vireo, 
Tennessee Warbler, Dan flushed Chuck today, along with Barred Owl, Broad-winged 
Hawks, Quail heard tonight, Little Blue Heron, Blue-winged Teal. 50 species for 
the day

Thanks to all our visitors!

To visit:  http://warblerwoods.org/directions/visit

Susan Schaezler
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