[texbirds] swainsons and kentucky warblers at Martin Dies State Park, Jasper Co.

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 22:28:53 -0500

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There was quite a swarm of mayflies (july flies!) today coming off of 
Steinhagen Lake...I happened to catch the swarm late afternoon and the birds 
and dragonflies were in feeding frenzy. Along the brush line in the campground 
area near the lake, warblers were working along with vireos, cardinals, wrens, 
and eastern kingbirds. Even the woodpeckers were in the area. along with the 
hooded warblers, there was a kentucky warbler and a swainsons warbler. Last 
week, I thought I heard a Swainsons vocalize from the understory around 
campsite 77, but did not post it as I did not have visual. Today, I sat just 
inside the thick brushline below the canopy among the swarming mayflies. The 
Swainsons warbler moved in right to my side within feet from me and well inside 
the focal range for my lens! I got two blurry blob shots...I did manage a 
coulpe of id shots of the kentucky, and of course some really nice shots of the 
hooded...added note, Red Knot was along Yacht basin road on the mud flats with 
assorted resting shorebirds right before the rains...

Tripp Davenport
Currently in Jasper Texas
residing in Uvalde Co. 
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