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Hi Texbirds,
Shortly after noon today I was heading south on Brodie Lane from 290 when I
caught the red light at Ernest Robles Way.  I saw a bird fly up from the
ground, away from me, and, perhaps, into a tree.  I was in the right lane,
several cars back from the intersection, with my view partially obscured, so
I couldn't tell if it went into one of the trees in that spot, or if it flew
off.  It happened very quickly and my view wasn't the best, but to me, the
tail looked good for American Kestrel.  The size, shape, rusty red color
with a tail band all fit with AMKE.  The problem is, today is July 27 and I
didn't think there would be Kestrels about.  This intrigued me.

When the light changed I turned into the shopping center, parked, then
grabbed my binocular and camera from my bag on the seat, and went looking
for the bird.  I was there for about 15 minutes, but never found it.  I did
find a Loggerhead Shrike, however.  

Since I was so close to the PetSmart pond at the shopping center on the east
side of Brodie it occurred to me that perhaps the Kes flew over there.
Besides, with my nox around my neck I was getting into birding mode.  I went
over there and scoped the area, but still found no sign of a Kes.  There
were several each of Chimney Swifts and Purple Martins skimming the pond,
and a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron for a consolation prize.

If I didn't see a Kestrel, what are the other possibilities for such a
red-tailed bird on July 27, besides me getting daffier with age?


Lori Markoff
southwest Austin 

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