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  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 22:44:39 -0500

My fat thumb hit the send button when I did not intend.

To continue:

The main problem with m.ob. is that few among us can resist the siren song of 
an "established" ID.  We tend not to question group wisdom, getting sucked into 
smashing windows that the mob feels need smashing or ticking the juvenile 
Curlew Sandpiper that, in reality, is a juvenile Stilt Sandpiper.

The list has become so paramount, that we go after reported birds with mental 
blinders firmly in place.  Does it really hurt to question authority?  To 
actually identify the bird for oneself after going through the full process.

So, yes, way back when, nary an ABA-area field guide illustrated Variegated 
Flycatcher.  But, did no one think that the size was off (Variegated is 
considerably smaller than Sulphur-bellied)?  Perhaps the bill was WAY too 
short?  And thin?  Just because Sulphur-bellied is the only streaked flycatcher 
in the guide does not mean that the streaked flycatcher in front of you is a 
Sulphur-bellied.  Or Variegated.  Or Piratic.  The m.ob., I think, is only too 
willing to go along with the "established" ID.



Tony Leukering
Smith Point, TX
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