[texbirds] Varied Bunting, Zone-tailed Hawk, Scott's O. and Green Kingfishers at Junction

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 12:59:59 -0500

For the last month and a half I've been mostly in College Station assisting my 
son who has had health issues. It was good to be able to get out into the Texas 
Hill Country outdoors this a.m. Of note today at the South Llano River State 
Black-capped Vireo  2 near maintenance shed behind park office.
Green Kingfisher 1 last two mornings along river trail downstream from road 
crossing .25-.5 mile. Lots of Indigo Buntings along this 1.5 mile road/trail to 
far corner of state park property.

Easter Pageant Hill (County Road 181):
Varied Bunting male calling 11:00 a.m., great views, walk old road up to trail 
go left and look in area below the large American Flag (dead cedar patch). He 
then moved right (south) toward 3 crosses. I have not seen a female on the hill 
this year so wonder if this is just a single un-mated male. Hope he found a 
girlfriend and I have just missed her.
Scott's Oriole 1 feeding on Sotol stalk.
Canyon Wren 1 calling
Black-throated Sparrow (s), many young birds.

Junction Wastewater Ponds:
Baird's Sandpiper 3
Least Sandpiper 5
Western Sandpiper 4
Good to see returning shorebirds.

Drove into town and at town end of main bridge over river a Zone-tailed Hawk 
soaring low right over Main Street being harrassed by Barn Swallows. Had one 
over my house this past Saturday so think driving Main Street from late a.m, to 
early p.m. the best for this species. 

Another location to check for Green Kingfisher is in town at the City Water 
Treatment Plant (not wastewater facility). From redlight go toward state park 
only two blocks and turn left on Oak Street, go all the way to end where the 
plant is located near the river. Look through the high fence at the two small 
ponds where the Green Kingfisher likes to perch on the concrete structures. The 
bird has been observed here in early mornings several times recently. The water 
in these ponds is much clearer than the river and has lots of minnows, frogs 
etc. This is the same location where the Great Kiskadee was being seen but not 
in a good while.

Rhandy J. Helton
Junction, Tx. 

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