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I've been in the Trans-Pecos since early Thursday morning for the Big Bend 
Birding festival and then for personal fun. I will let the event coordinators 
comment on the event, but I think everyone had a wonderful time.

Thursday morning I started at L.E. Wood in the Davis Mountains. Western 
Screech-Owls were calling when I arrived. Not much else going on, but Gray 
Flycatchers, 1 Cordilleran and 1 possible Least were hanging out.

Sunday morning Steve Gross and I met my parents out at Christmas Mountains 
Oasis. 1-2 Least Flycatchers were found, as well as a well photographed 
Louisiana Waterthrush.
Cottonwood Campground had Gray Hawks and Brown-crested Flycatcher.

Saturday morning my parents and I hiked up to Boot Springs. No Colima, but a HY 
Painted Redstart was hanging out.

This morning my parents and I got out to Rio Grande Village before sun up. Elf 
Owls and Western Screech-Owl were calling. Carolina Wren was found near the 
board walk. Least Flycatcher and Western Tanager were over near the Gambusia 
Pond. 2 Common Black-Hawk juveniles and 1 adult Gray Hawk. Another 
Brown-crested Flycatcher. My father claims he saw 3 juvenile/female and 1 male 
Phainopepla fly high over the river near Daniel's Ranch.

Now we are in Laredo birding our way south.

Cameron Carver
Lubbock, TX

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