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I read Mark's comments with interest.  My own complaints about the book are 
more general in nature.  I was really disappointed when I opened my book and 
saw the atrocious printing job.  I bet David Sibley was heartbroken.  His 
beautiful paintings were completely butchered by the printers.  Spotted Towhee, 
Brown and Long-billed Thrasher are terrible.  The rufous/orange coloration is a 
deep maroon.  The poor Yellow-breasted Chat has a weird ochre/green breast.  In 
fact all the yellows are skewed towards green.  The poor Cliff Swallow is 
almost unrecognizable.  Many of the painting would have been better off in 
black and white.  In fact the waterthushes came out pretty much black and 
white.  And good luck trying to identify Brewer's Sparrow.  Unfortunately my 
Nat. Geo. guide suffers from much of the same poor printing problem.

My other complaint is the incredibly tiny fonts used.  Unless you have perfect 
vision this book is is really difficult to read.  I would rather have a larger 
book and pay more.  I blame the editors for trying to keep down size and costs.

From a content point my only disagreement is with using a large colored area on 
the range map rather than dots to represent records of rarities.  

Otherwise the book is really great and worth the rather small cost.  But it's 
sure going to confuse a lot of beginning birders who will want to take the 
colors literally.

Dan Jones, Wesalco

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