[texbirds] San Antonio Audubon trip to Junction Saturday Sept 21

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SAAS trip to Junction Sept 21, 2013

Started out cool 66 degrees and windy at the sewer ponds.  Followed by 
a stop at Festival hill and the golf course. Followed by a stop at the 
Flatrock bridge. Went to some private property about 10 miles south of 
the State park. Followed by a long lunch. Got to the State Park around 
2:20PM. Walked around the woodsy area near the Buck lake and back 
along the river. Left for home at 5PM It was a great day, the weather 
having cleared up and the temp rising to around 80, I guess. Thanks to 
host Rhandy Helton. Participants: Mike Creese, Ray Kutzman, Dana 
Green, Desi D'Orsogna, Dwight and Marilyn Williams, Jane Crone, Dennis 
and Barbara Trujillo, Bruce Jones, Brad and  Joan Alprin and son.

Note the Red-necked Phalarope from the sewer ponds and the 
Broad-winged Hawk from the connecting road near the fair grounds. 
Both are new to Rhandy's Kimble county checklist. We saw at least 4 
Olive-sided Flycatchers all behaving correctly: sitting in the very 
top of the highest snag and returning to its perch.

Wood Duck            4

Blue-winged Teal      100

Northern Shoveler            1

Wild Turkey            8 seen on the way out of the Park

Pied-billed Grebe  1 at the sewer ponds

Great Blue Heron   1 took off from a tree on our walk at the Park

Great Egret            1 at the sewer ponds

Snowy Egret            1 at the sewer ponds

Black Vulture             20 total seen from all the sites

Turkey Vulture             14 seen in all the areas

Broad-winged Hawk   1 seen over the road from the fair grounds. We all 
stopped to look

Red-tailed Hawk   4 total

Killdeer             12 at the sewer ponds

American Avocet            2 seen in company of the blue -winged teal 
at the sewer ponds

Solitary Sandpiper            1 seen flying away at the sewer ponds

Spotted Sandpiper            2 at the sewer ponds area

Lesser Yellowlegs            3

Red-necked Phalarope            1 seen at the sewer ponds. New for the 

Eurasian Collared Dove             2

White-winged Dove   35

Mourning Dove   6

Inca Dove             1 at least at the private property

Greater Roadrunner            seen at Laura's blind by only 2 of our 

Chimney Swift                         1 at the sewer ponds

Ruby-throated Hummingbird              1

Black-chinned Hummingbird              1

Hummingbirds species             at least 2 at the park feeders

Ringed Kingfisher            1 seen several times at the Buck Lake

Golden-fronted Woodpecker             2 at least

Ladder-backer Woodpecker             3, 2 at the Park

Olive-sided Flycatcher                    at least 4 . 2 at the Park.

Eastern Wood-Pewee             1 in the woods at the park

Least Flycatcher             1 in the Park

Empidonax, species 1

Eastern Phoebe  3

Vermilion Flycatcher            3 at the ponds, includes one juvenile

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher             1 at the ponds, 1 at the park

White-eyed Vireo    3

Blue-headed Vireo    2 in the Park

Western Scrub-jay        2 at festival hill

Common Raven 4 total

Cliff Swallow             10

Cave Swallow            50

Barn Swallow             20

Carolina Chickadee             1 at least at Flatrock

Black-crested Titmouse             at least 2

Canyon Wren             1 heard at the festival hill

Carolina Wren             2, at least one at the Park

Bewick's wren                         1 at festival hill

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher            6 in the Park

Ruby-crowned Kinglet             1 at the Park, may be FOFall

Eastern Bluebird             1 seen at the fair grounds by Joan Alprin

Northern Mockingbird             3 at festival hill

Nashville Warbler            1

Yellow Warbler                        5 total, seen in all the places

Wilson's Warbler            1 in the Park

Clay-colored Sparrow                       3 at the ponds, 5 at the 

Field Sparrow            5 at the Park

Lark Sparrow             20 at the p[onds, 2 at the park

Black-throated Sparrow            2 seen at the festival hill

Summer Tanager            at least 3

Northern Cardinal             1 at festival hill

Red-winged Blackbird                     2 at the ponds

Yellow-headed Blackbird            4 at the sewer ponds

Brown-headed Cowbird             3 imm. At the ponds

Bullock's Oriole   1 at the ponds

Baltimore Oriole   1 at the ponds

House Finch 3 at the park

Lesser Goldfinch             3 at the park

House Sparrow 10 at the ponds

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