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* Texas 
* Lower Rio Grande Valley 
* May 3, 2012 
To report rare birds, e-mail rgvbirds AT hotmail.com (preferred)orcall (956) 
584-2731 option 3.
Capitalized birds marked with a + are Review Species for Texas.Please send 
sightings/photographs to the Texas Bird Review Committee,ecarpeATgmail.com. 
Our rare bird alert this week includes: 
Tropical Parula
Mangrove [Yellow] Warbler 
Spotted Towhee 
This is a general reminder that playing recordings is not allowedin Texas State 
Parks and many LRGV birding sites. All State Park and NationalWildlife Refuge 
visitors must stay on trails. Thank you for not disturbing thewildlife or 
damaging the vegetation. 
Lots of chicks are emerging, with many Northern Mockingbird,Black-crested 
Titmouse, Northern Cardinal and other species.  Spotted Towhee continue through 
last week ata few Valley sites. Tail-less Great-tailed Grackles are also 
appearing across the LRGV. 
Reports of flocks of Swainson’s Hawks sitting in fields in the LRGVarea are 
requested, please promptly text 956-432-4528 or email live4birdsATaol.com. 
The Valley from east to west. 
A Western Tanager was on South Padre Island last week.  A Black-throated Blue 
Warbler was atSheepshead.  Several Cape May Warblerswere reported from various 
SPI locations. 
Mangrove Warbler, a well-marked subspecies of Yellow Warbler thatmay be 
distinct enough to warrant full species status, can be seen bycontacting the 
Sealife Center at (956) 299-1957. 
Glossy Ibis are rare in the LRGV at any time. Recent reports arefrom Santa Ana 
and Lake Tiocano.  Thesebirds should be identified with care, they are far 
outnumbered by White-facedIbis. 
At Estero Llano Grande State Park a female +ROSE-THROATED BECARDinitially found 
on the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival on 11/9 was last reported4/20 in the 
tropical zone and is now presumed GONE again. A Northern 
Beardless-Tyrannuletcontinues in the tropical zone through last week (this 
species is often easierto see at Santa Ana NWR, Anzalduas County Park, or 
Bentsen State Park).  
There are no recent reports of the Crimson-collared Grosbeak fromFrontera 
Audubon Society.  Warblerscontinue, with Canada and Golden-winged Warblers. 
A female plumaged CRIMSON-COLLARED GROSBEAK was found at nearbyValley Nature 
Center and photographed on May 1. One local birder felt that two birds were 
present.  A female Black-throated Blue Warbler, alwaysrare in the LRGV, was 
photographed on May 1 as well.  
A Tropical Parula continues at Santa Ana NWR near the CattailLakes. Another was 
at Anzalduas on April 25. 
No recent reports of Hook-billed Kite at Bentsen or Santa Ana NWR.A Reddish 
Egret was a surprise at Bentsen on April 29.  
During March and April, the boat ramp at Salineno is a good areato look for 
Red-billed Pigeon and Muscovy Duck. 
Red-crowned Parrots are sometimes seen in the areas of QuintaMazatlan in 
McAllen, Valley Nature Center in Weslaco in the evening, and EsteroLlano Grande 
State Park in the mornings. Red-crowned Parrots are also reported fromCalvary 
Baptist Church in Harlingen (1815 N 7th Street) and at RioHondo/ 7th Street in 
Harlingen in the evenings(exit Expressway 77 on Ed Carey,heading north on Ed 
Carey about 3.5 miles to Rio Hondo Road just before theAirport, turn right onto 
Rio Hondo going to 7th Street), and also at OliveiraPark (Los Ebanos Road/El 
Paso Road across from Pace High School) inBrownsville, mingling at dusk with 
Yellow-headed and Red-lored Parrots (bothspecies are escapes). Red-crowned 
Parrots and Green Parakeets are seen in urbanareas irregularly all over the 
Green Parakeets can be seen staging in McAllen near 10th and Dovein the 
evening, sometimes winging a few blocks over to Nolana/McColl – a reportlast 
month had 200 at the latter site. A couple of Mitred Parakeets (escapes) 
werepresent this winter. 
In Hidalgo at 5th and Gardenia near the HidalgoPumphouse World Birding Center, 
a few Monk Parakeets have taken up residencebuilding a nest on a telephone 
WHITE-COLLARED SEEDEATER INFORMATION - Most sites forWhite-collared Seedeaters 
are in Zapata and Webb counties. Information isprovided as a service to 
visiting birders. Sites to check include the SanYgnacio County Park/Seedeater 
Sanctuary at the foot of Washington Street in SanYgnacio, the Raptor Trail at 
the west end of San Ygnacio, the library pond inZapata, Laredo's Las Palmas 
Trail, North Central Park, or Father McNaboePark.  Seedeaters are widely 
distributedthis spring with birds at all locations. Access to La Laja Ranch, 
also a Seedeater site, is by advancereservations only. E-mail the owner at 
Edward.herbst@xxxxxxxxxxxx is a fee site.
FERRUGINOUS PYGMY-OWL INFORMATION – Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls arepresent at El 
Canelo, San Miguelito Ranch and King Ranch (Norias Divisiononly). This owl is 
very difficult to find at any other location at present.Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls 
have not been seen or heard at Bentsen-Rio Grande ValleyState Park since the 
summer of 2010, when the park was inundated by the RioGrande. Recent reports 
are also from San Miguelito Ranch (fee site),contact Lety at 956-365-3118 or 
Buny55@xxxxxxxx This site will be closing for the season shortly if it has not 
already closed.  
Directions are provided only for sites not included in the ABABirders' Guide to 
the Rio Grande Valley or the Birders' Guide to the TexasCoast. These guides are 
indispensable for visiting birders.
Site Closures: 
Allen Williams Wildscape, Pharr, open by appointment ONLY; Call ortext 
Edinburg Scenic Wetlands World Birding Center, building closedSunday (grounds 
Bentsen-RGV State Park, building closed/no trams onMondays,grounds open 
(self-pay station). 
Estero Llano Grande State Park, building closed Mondays, groundsopen (self-pay 
Frontera Audubon Thicket, Weslaco, closed Sunday mornings and allday Mondays 
except by appt. 
Los Ebanos Preserve, San Benito, Appointment ONLY; 956-241-2494. 
Methodist Camp Thicket, Weslaco, group reservations (fee) only.Contact Estero 
Llano Grande State Park 
Quinta Mazatlan, McAllen, closed Sundays and Mondays. 
Resaca de la Palma State Park, building closed/no trams Mon/Tue,grounds open 
(self-pay station). 
San Miguelito Ranch - Lety at 956-365-3118 or Buny55@xxxxxxxx
Santa Ana NWR- closed to bicycles 
Valley Nature Center, Weslaco, closed Sunday morning and Mondays.

Mary Gustafson
Mission, Texas

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