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This morning we started birding at Quintana and our first
stop was the pond to the right of the bridge onto the island.  Almost 
immediately when we reached the edge
of the pond I spotted two Red-necked Phalaropes that we unfortunately flushed
shortly after spotting.  After searching around
the pond for a while we had plenty of the usual suspects.  
We then headed to GCBO for the hummingbird festival.  What a fantastic event 
and what a great
turnout they had.  We enjoyed the
festivities for a while then headed back to Quintana.  Our first stop when back 
on the island was at
the NBS.  While there we spotted a nice
looking male Canada Warbler and while trying to get photos of it I heard a
Groove-billed Ani calling across the street next to the water feature next to
city hall.  We followed the sound to the
bird, which was sitting in a salt cedar.  Before long the bird flew across the 
street to the sanctuary and quickly
made its way to the oak tree in the NW corner of the sanctuary and gave us nice
views for several minutes.  From there
the bird headed out of the sanctuary and down the street to the west.  About 15 
minutes later we had two other
birders mention that they had seen a Groove-billed Ani in the barbed-wire of
the fence in front of the LNG facility. 
A couple of photos from the day can be seen here:
Unfortunately I am too tired to edit more tonight.
Greg Lavaty
Sugar Land, TX
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