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   Some finds on Possum Kingdom Lake ...These are from shoreline
surveys in various habitats...Most points are in accessible except by
shallow draft skiffs and thru private holdings.  We have tallied
perhaps a few over 100 bird species but are also doing veg. and
habitat stuff. We find the usual shorebird and passerine migrants so
will dispense with all but a few of those as they are covered well by
others elsewhere..   Some species will be Dullsville for many and
there are merely intended to reflect some things I/we did not
previously know so much about....(I have worked on this lake
repeatedly in previous years).  The lake is low , but not nearly as
low as many are in the state. Still there are many areas of exposed
dead trees.  The recent heavy weather events put down a lot of stuff
but not in great diversity....Detected migrants except shorebirds are
getting fewer with each passing day.

Canada Geese...Alive and doing very well at multiple locations around
the lake...Several large multi-family groups with numerous half-grown
goslings...Individual pairs scattered in several locations as well

Mallards.   Aside from all the dock side mongrels etc., we found 3
pairs , at least, of birds that appear to be truly wild in the back
canyon shallows etc.  They do not allow close approach whatsoever and
fly long before we get within 80-100 yds.   These birds are sometimes
seen flying around at dawn and dusk as well.   There are other ducks
but don't have a handle on them as to migrant status...The Mallards
seem to be at home

Neotropic Cormorant 1....I have never had one at PK before (today)

There is a large mixed colony of breeding waders on a wooded island in
the middle of the eastern portion of the lake that we est. has around
1400 pairs.

Snowy Plovers 2...On same sand bar daily....Hmm

Laughing Gull 1...Very lonesome for his buddies on the coast at this
time of year.....Probably dragged up with those darn Franklin's.

"Solitary" Verio 1  Rock Creek today...Getting on the late side.

Tree Swallows....Enough around to appear that some nesting might be
occurring in the exposed snags....Just no time to look for that

Canyon Wren 2   One public near Rock Creek at hwy. 16

Various warblers and the usual migrants tho I always enjoy
MaGillivary's especially when they sing.  A bright male Blackburnian
sang just outside my motel room for 15 minutes or so, so I now have
that song finally ingrained in my head AGAIN for the upteenth time

We had an unidentified "Zono" sparrow near the lake shore which is late.

I have extremely limited internet access, forgive any non-replies.   I
know I am forgetting somethings here.

 Brush Freeman
361-655-7641  Cell
Finca Alacranes., Utley,Texas
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