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Hi all, 

I've confirmed with Brian Sullivan at eBird that this hybrid will be added in 
the August taxonomic update.  For now, you could log the birds under "passerine 
sp" or just make the note under one of the parental species.  

Mary Gustafson
Mission, Texas

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 I enjoyed my trip out to the Sabine Woods yesterday on the 4th of July. I 
wanted some quite alone time, and found it.
I also quickly found Momma Tropical and her hyrid fledglings. Then my problem, 
how to enter the mockingbirds in e-bird.
No problem entering the Northern Mockingbird or the Tropical Mockingbird, but 
what to do with the fledglings?
Clearly being fed by the Tropical. There is only one Tropical in the woods, and 
there has been a lot of photo documentation by our fellow birders with such 
skills and equipment. 
Reading on the internet about the bird in its more common habitat, it becomes 
clear that the people in those regions where the two species overlap have 
observed other such pairings and hybrids.
But e-bird does not allow the option for the hybrid Mimus polyglottus x gilvus, 
there are many options for other such hybrids, including Northern x Tropical 
Parula (hybrid), but no hybrids under Mockingbird. 
Any suggestions on how to go about documenting the new hybrid younguns?
Didn't find the Golden-fronted, oh well another day.
Other notables were the many Orchard Orioles, two Brown Thrashers, lovely 
Yellowbilled Cuckoos, and lots of waterbirds flying over.
Vicki Crutchfield
Live Houston and work in Galveston, TX 
Cell : 409-789-1178


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