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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 11:52:41 -0500

The usual route , different birds, and will save the best for last. .
Webberville park was interesting as usual.  Ran into another birder there
and we spent some time roaming around.  Two Least Flycatchers were in the
giant ragweed on the fence line.  He said that he had a yellowish warbler
there earlier but we could not relocate it.

   A Turkey Vulture came flying low over the park and paid the price.
Starting at the south end it was assailed 3 Western Kingbirds, mid way thru
the park a Couch's joined in and shortly after that two Easterns.  It was
getting hammered from every direction.  Was funny to see but I'm sure TV
man did not think so.  A high flying Cooper's was left alone.

  4 Bronzed Cowbirds, Summer Tanagers and a single Prothonotary remain in
the park.  We had a flock of about 12 White Ibis pass over headed north

  Yesterday around noon I noticed the big hay field on 969 was being cut
and I figured it would be good today...It always is when just cut.  Stopped
on the highway to scan it with my bins.  There no less than 9 tight little
party groups of vultures scattered across it feasting on whatever got
chopped up by the mowers.   Caracaras and even two Great Blue Herons were
searching for treats. .  Two big buteos far out were probably Swainson's.
A couple of L. B. Curlews, crows, grackles, swallows etc.

   I would have spent a bit more time there but saw cranky landowner man
speeding up the road in a blaze of dust, so I left as I didn't want a run
in with him again.  He thinks we birders are up to no good when we spy on
his hay!.  Heck I have known that boy since he was a kid too.

   Yesterday there was a Spoonbill on Cedar Valley Lk. but I did not see it
there this morning but there were 4 ducks of some kind.  Just too far off.

    An ad. male Black-chinned was at the feeders yesterday eve, an obvious
migrant as I don't have them except in migration.

   OK , I said I would save the best for last.  I had two fly over Fulvous
Whistling Ducks going east in Utley, also at the park a new plant for me
there.  A nice blooming Clematis vine right next to the fishing pier.
Check it out if you go there.

Bundle up and stay warm.

Brush Freeman
Independent and affiliated Field Biologist
Finca Alacranes., Utley,Texas
The greatest musician of all time is mother nature.

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