[texbirds] Juvenile Hawk playing in bird bath

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  A juvenile hawk used my bird bath as a perch this evening.  It was so much
fun watching him play forabout 20 minutes.  He would flap to theground, pick
something up and put it in the water which is only about 1 inchdeep and then
hit it with his bill.  Hewas a decent size, my bird bath is only about 12-14
inches by about 8 inchesand he was as tall as it is long.  I amnot positive,
but it may have been a Red Shoulder Juvenile Hawk.  I got about 4 or 5 decent
photos so I willhave to show someone and ask them for a positive ID.  It was
fun watching him play with thewater.  He couldn’t quite figure itout.  He
acted puzzled because it was soshallow.  I had a pair of cardinalsfeeding on
the ground in another part of the yard, but he was not interested inthem.  He
finally flew off when hespotted me taking photos through my back porch window. 
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