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 Ok Brush made me think, so I did some timeline building.

Here is what I found on blogs, Texbirds and eBird reports.
21 April    Some intereactions with a several NOMO and some preliminary 
nestbuilding, that may have involved more than one NOMO
22 April   More interactions with a NOMO, who is singing. Several people noted 
the Tropical is silent or makes only chirp like responses
24 April Active nest building with NOMO
26 April  Obvious pair bonding, both birds actively defending nest area against 
other mockers.
Bill and Mavis noted Tropical as female in their notations on eBird, same date 
Dan Pacamo noted in his blog he saw the two mating and Tropical was receiving. 
2 May Kenneth Bader noted Tropical On Nest
12 May  Several people noted both birds sharing nesting 
So if the birds had a sucessful mating, there should be babies within 
approximately a two week period of the first week in May.
18 May  Kenny Nichols noted he and his wife observed the birds making frequent 
trips to the nest with food.
Assuming birds hatched a few days prior would expect nestlings to fledge by the 
first week in June.
9 June     Steve Mays reported the nest seems abandoned.
After that there were multiple reports of babies in nest or out of nest, and 
then making short flights in limbs of trees. Parents feeding them and so on.
So I am going with Tropical is female and mother of hybrid young.

Vicki Crutchfield
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