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Greetings All:

I spent eight hours in Hale County yesterday and racked up 84 species of 
birds.  Waterfowl are starting arrive, some winter songbirds are starting to 
arrive, shorebirds are still going, and migrant songbirds are, in general, 
close to peaking.  I strongly suspect that, had I had the time to spent 2-4 
more hours wandering about, I would have made it to 100 species within the 
county in a single day.  I love fall migration.

Incidental Lubbock County highlights: 2 Snowy Egrets at Maxey Park and 12 
American Avocets at the playa just south of Abernathy.

All other highlights were in Hale County.

Abernathy City Park: 1 Snowy Egret, 1 American Avocet, 2 Spotted Sandpipers, 3 
Wilson's Warblers, and 1 female Western Tanager.

Playa off of the east frontage road near the intersection of Interstate 27 and 
FM 54: 1 Greater Yellowlegs and 5 Least Sandpipers.

Culvert just south of the intersection of Interstate 27 and FM 37: 14 Cave 

Hale Center City Park: 1 Snowy Egret, 3 Spotted Sandpipers, 1 Baird's 
Sandpiper, 1 Townsend's Warbler, 3 Wilson's Warblers, 1 Grasshopper Sparrow, 
and 2 immature Painted Buntings

Plainview Apartments Pond: 5 American Avocets, 2 Spotted Sandpipers, 2 Greater 
Yellowlegs, 1 Western Sandpiper, and 3 Wilson's Phalaropes.

Lakeside Trails Park, Plainview: 1 Wilson's Snipe and 1 Grasshopper Sparrow.

Woods at southwest corner of Plainview Landfill: 1 Western Wood Pewee.

Creek crossing just south of the intersection of Highway 70 and FM 789: 1 male 
Common Yellowthroat and 1 female Orchard Oriole.

Muleshoe NWR - Hale County property: 1 Willow Flycatcher, 1 Gray Flycatcher, 1 
House Wren, 1 OVENBIRD, 3 Wilson's Warblers, 12 Clay-colored Sparrows, 4 Vesper 
Sparrows, 15 Grasshopper Sparrows, 1 Lincoln's Sparrow, 2 female and 3 immature 
Painted Buntings, and 1 male BALTIMORE ORIOLE.

Willow-dotted playa at the intersection of FM 789 and FM 37: 2 Nashville 
Warblers, 4 Wilson's Warblers, and 18 Clay-colored Sparrows.

Petersburg Cemetery/Landfill/Sewage Ponds: 1 Cooper's Hawk, 7 American Avocets, 
1 Eastern Phoebe, 1 GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER, 1 House Wren, 1 MacGillivray's 
Warbler, 2 Chipping Sparrows, 3 Clay-colored Sparrows, 1 Brewer's Sparrow, 1 
adult male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK, and 2 immature male Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

Large playa at just west of the intersection of FM 54 and CR T: 10 Gadwalls 
(first large group I've seen this season)140 Northern Pintails (first large 
group I've seen this season), 4 Green-winged Teals, 14 Ruddy Ducks (first large 
group I've seen this season), 1 Eared Grebe, 3 Black-necked Stilts, 18 American 
Avocets, 6 Greater Yellowlegs, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 Long-billed Curlew, 4 
Baird's Sandpipers, 51 unidentified 'peeps', 2 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 4 
Western Sandpipers, 5 Least Sandpipers, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 3 Stilt 
Sandpipers, 1 Wilson's Phalarope, and 2 Bank Swallows.

All in all, a pretty good day - full report, for those who have been following 
my 2012 game, to follow later.

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson, Lubbock

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