[texbirds] Highlights from Plains II Breeding Bird Survey

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Greetings All:
A full report will be posted at some point but the highlights from the
Plains II Breeding Bird Survey - located from northeast to southeast of
Plains, conducted on 6 June 2015 are as follows:

1 male Bronzed Cowbird northeast of Plains, 2 Blue-winged Teals northeast
of Plains, 2 Cave Swallows east of Plains, 2 Scaled Quails east of Plains,
1 female Yellow-headed Blackbird southeast of Plains, 2 American Avocets
southeast of Plains.

Other highlights from Yoakum County: 2 American Avocets northeast of
Plains, 2 Scaled Quails northeast of Plains, 4 Blue-winged Teals northeast
of Plains.

Highlights from Cochran County: 2 Blue-winged Teals south of Whiteface.

Highlights from Hockley County: 2 American Avocets west of Levelland.

Highlights from Lubbock County: 2 Snowy Egrets at the playa at 19th and
Quaker in Lubbock.

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock

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