[texbirds] Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo's

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Jan and I left Baytown Yesterday morning and after a couple of brief stops  
in Austin headed out to Balcones Canyonland and when we got there it was 
already  5 PM so we just went in and looked at the signs for information. One 
trail up at  the lookout point, was according to the sign good for 
Golden-cheeked Warblers so  off we went. The first 200 yds or so is pretty open 
we had no more than got  a few yds into the wooded area when suddenly there 
were two birds in the trees  in front of us. I got my glasses on it just long 
enough to say that was either a  Golden-cheeked or a Black-throated Green. 
Then the bird was gone. We waited but  never saw it again. Maybe 200-300 yds 
down the trail we could suddenly hear one  calling. We stopped and waited 
for a short time and suddenly it was in the small  tree right beside us 
actively feeding away. It stayed around for 3-4 minutes and  just as suddenly 
gone. This morning we looked for Black-capped Vireos a  couple of places 
there but struck out. 
We then headed this afternoon to Kerr Wildlife Management Area. We  checked 
the signs and started into the area. As we got just inside into the  wooded 
area we saw movement and there was a Golden-cheeked Warbler in a tree  
right on the side of the road. The signs showed a good area for Black-capped  
Vireos down near a shelter on the right side of the road. When we got there we 
 pulled off and shut the motor down with the windows down and just 
listened.  After a couple of minutes I could hear what I was pretty sure was 
calling  maybe 50 yds from the rd. We walked tha way slowly and it loud enough 
I was sure  it was one so after a short stalk suddenly it was in a bush less 
that 10 feet  from me just a fussing. Turns out there were at least two and 
maybe three in the  area. Jan was taking pictures of one while I was on 
another one. What a way to  get our two target birds for the trip. When we went 
back to the car there was  one singing across the road from the car as 
well. We also heard another one a  little farther down the road into the next 
Off to Junction and Llano SP tomorrow.
Link to pictures below.
David and Jan  Hanson
Baytown/Mont Belvieu Area
Chambers County
Master  Naturalist's
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