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It was a good morning on (Old) East Gulf Road. This paved road that turns
gravel toward the end parallels the ICW just east of the town of Matagorda.
Habitat is a mix of pastures, scrub brush and brackish marsh. Birds flagged by
eBird as unusual were:
Long-billed Curlew (1)
Lesser Nighthawk (1)
Long-billed Thrasher (4)

The Nighthawk was resting on the paved proton of the road as were some Commons.
At one point after it took flight, a Common dive-bombed the Lesser giving
great side-by-side comparisons of plumage, color and size.

The Thrashers were a surprise to me. One was heard only but three were perched
conspicuously singing boldly to all challengers. There was a possible 5th bird
but it was seen separate and too close to one of the others for me to be sure.
This habitat along East Gulf Road is very good for LBTH and I suspect they have
been breeding here for some years. EBird shows quite a few records at this
location and almost all during December, likely on the Mad Island Marsh CBC.
There is one other eBird record for June but my guess is that people just don't
look for them in June.

Other birds that were of interest to me were a fly-over Marbled Godwit, a
singing first year male Orchard Oriole, a calling King Rail, a couple of large
flocks of Black Terns (130) heading south and a small rookery of Snowy Egrets
and Little Blue Herons, along the south side of East Gulf Rd just over the

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads! Have you called your Dad today?

Best regards,
Bob Friedrichs
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