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I do get a little carried away a little on a favorite subject of Texas
drought going way back to the big one in the 1950's. Starting with summer
camp getting closed as no one could afford to send kids from texas and a
great shortage in cows shipped to Iowa to be fattened. Which led my
mother's farm manager turning to rustling and my mother deciding to sell
the farm. He was one of the most successful cattle rustlers in the history
of the business. I wrote several papers in high school and college etc.
about the drought back then and my relatives here in Texas suffered. Each
glass of water in Corpus Christi in those days contained more than a dose
of Epsom salts.
The drought now is worse than any back in the 1950's. They started
measuring ground water, soil moisture levels etc in 1948 and both last year
and this year such measures are in the worst 1 or 2%. Compared to areas to
our west, Houston is wet but is 5 feet below normal for the last 5 years.
But Houston glommed lots of water through the quaint system of first dibs
but much of that water has already been through the sewage systems of the
metroplex. So much for dibs.

There just is no water out there and it cannot be created. But I saw
pictures of Austin a couple nights ago on TV and the lake looked very nice
and pretty. Not a drought stricken place at all. They released 8000 acre
feet as required by law for the bay but who will police the water as it
goes down there. I used know where a lot of pumps worked a lot taking water
out of the river at night and there is not a lot of river police out there
ensuring that they do not run the pumps anymore. If I had 150 year old
trees, I would probably pump too as they have done for 150 years.

But then Houston was famous for sinking into the bay until it stopped the
pumping of ground water causing the subsidence. But wait. The very rich and
politically connected in Houston still get to pump ground water to their
24th floor 14,000 square foot high rise condominium as they cannot afford
to actually pay for a water bill from the city.

Incidentally, Eagle Lake in front of the LCRA office is filled to the brim
and overflowing.

On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Joseph Kennedy

> Don't know if they made a big deal in Austin as Austin is the home of
> green people and environmentalists and all that is good in the world.
> The LCRA also known as the Colorado River authority has agreed to stop all
> water inflows into Matagorda Bay as of the end of this month. That will
> mean no fresh water into the bay and adjacent bay systems going down toward
> Aransas. They have already cut all water for ducks, shorebirds rice and
> wildlife near the coast.
> This is all done to ensure that the yuppies can go out on the lakes with
> their powerboats and vroom-vroom and zoom-zoom while they pontificate about
> how they are so much in favor of the environment that allows them to
> maximize their personal noise and air pollution to the detriment of the
> rest of the universe.
> So what if some cranes die etc. They can always clone more using the
> latest yuppy tech stuff they will think of while zooming around. So even
> the Austin sewage water will no longer reach the coast and those downhill
> of yuppyville.
> --
> Joseph C. Kennedy
> on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston
> Josephkennedy36@xxxxxxxxx

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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