[texbirds] Davis Mtn. Accipiter

  • From: Cameron Carver <c.o.carver@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 05:49:20 -0500

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This has been discussed by a few people already, but I thought I would throw it 
out to the larger group.

Thursday morning I had an adult accipiter feeder bomb a group of birds at Davis 
Mountains SP. I initially thought Cooper's. It seemed large, stockier and The 
front edge of the wing looked straight. However, I only saw it briefly. As it 
was flying away it made the peep sound that I have only ever associated with 
adult Sharp-shinned. Sharp-shinned are known to breed in the Davis mountains as 
well as Cooper's.

So the question is this: do adult Cooper's Hawks ever make the peep sound?

I'm really not so worried about the ID, but more interested in the feedback on 
Accipiter vocalizations.

Cameron Carver
Lubbock, TX

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