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Hi all -

While spot-watering the trees in the yard this morning, a flock of grackles 
flew by and my initial reaction was "huh, those look and sound like Commons!".  
   A few minutes later, I saw another flock (same one?) and started to 
over-think it - "naw, it is waay too early for flocks of Commons, those must 
all be male Texas Mynahs (Great-tailed Grackles that have molted their tail 
feathers) that are halfway through re-growing their tails.

Later in the morning, Debbie commented that there had been a lot of grackles in 
the birdbath in the back yard, which was a bit unusual.   So, at about 11am, I 
sat down at the dining room table to grab a snack and turned the binocular view 
out to the backyard to see if any of the Dickcissels in the yard were feeding 
with the House Sparrows.

Lo and behold, there were 30+ male Common Grackles walking around in the grass! 
 To quote the Scooter,  "Holy Cow!".   I stepped out into the backyard and they 
flew up into the trees, making a sound that I used to hear spring and fall back 
in CT - they really were Common Grackles!!!

So, there are at least 40 in the area now, and if this flock is not the one I 
saw flying in the other direction, maybe closer to 70+ are in the area.    That 
is remarkable!

More yard reports later today as I watch the football games.....

Clay Taylor
Calallen (Corpus Christi) TX

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