[texbirds] Black-headed Grosbeak, MacGillavry's Warbler, other migrants in Austin

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  • Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 17:08:20 -0500

This Morning I lead my monthly bird walk at Laguna Gloria. Although nothing
spectacular, the pair Blackburnian Warblers were a crowd pleaser, and I got
my FOY Magnolia Warbler and Willow Flycatcher. We had 8 species of warbler
at Laguna, plus 5 species of vireo.
I then headed to St. Edwards Park after Elliott had found a pair of male
Black-headed Grosbeaks in the willows along the creek. The area was very
birdy, with some nice Warbling Vireos and lots of Least Flycatchers, plus
more of the common warblers. Golden-cheeked Warblers and Louisiana
Waterthrushes were singing. The Black-headed Grosbeak came zipping into a
willow right over me in response to a recording, and he hung out in that
same tree for about 10 minutes before he flew off.
photo of the BHGR:

I then went over to Roy Guerrero Park, where I looked to no avail for the
reported Lazuli Bunting, but I sure got a hell of a consolation prize.
While walking the granite trail behind the baseball fields, I heard a
Common Yellowthroat-like call note coming from a poison ivy thicket, but it
just didnt sound right. After some pishing, the was briefly visible through
a hole in the dense foliage, and it was a beautiful adult male
MacGillavry's Warbler! it continued to forage in the dense poison ivy,
periodically hopping onto a partially exposed branch for a split second,
but not enough time to get a picture off. It continued this behavior for
about 15 minutes, allowing me some decent looks through the leaves at its
head and back, until some guys who had been fishing at the base of the dam
came up the steep bank and walked behind the thicket were the MGWA had been
feeding, which flushed the bird. It flew into an impenetrable wall of
Mustang Grape, where i could still hear it giving its call note, but trying
to see it in that tangle proved futile. Elsewhere in the park, I had my FOY
Mourning Warbler in the woods adjacent to the sand beach, a pair of Couch's
Kingbirds with nesting material in the cottonwood near the parking lot, and
a Magnolia Warbler that I watched sing a near-perfect Hooded Warbler song.

Good birding,
Sam Fason, Austin

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