[texbirds] Bastrop-Utley-Hill's Prairie shorebirds, Fulvous, Willet , Avocets etc.

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  • Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 13:01:28 -0500

Met a friend in Bastrop at 6:30 for some local birding.   We had a very
good morning.

First  Stop was Harmon Road where we had the Hairy Woodpeckers (2) before
even getting out of the truck otherwise the normal stuff around the park
but we did not spend much time there.

Shipp Lake is reported to be dry so we did not go there but found quite an
amazing assortment of shore...Most amazing is the sheet of water on a
construction site just east and across the road from Lowe's in Bastrop.
With so little shorebird habitat anywhere in Central Texas, the birds sure
found this spot.  We had 1 Willet (surely a Western), 2 Avocet, at least 1
S. B. Dowitcher still in pretty good alternate, 1 Bairds and others for a
total of 9 species.....We added Solitary at the hunters Crossing/Home Depot
ponds as well as Tri-colored Heron.   On a private property in Utley we
added 3 Upland Sandpipers......But the water near Lowe's will likely not
last but 2-3 more days as it is super shallow.,

  Several days ago I had 2 flyover Fulvous Ducks in Utley...I think we had
the same pair today .  They  were in the marshy area on Earhardt Rd. down
by the Hope Valley Tree farm.....BTW for the locals, new culverts are going
to be installed here I am told, to help the land owners drain their
pastures more easily....Shame...There is water and likely good stuff on the
east side of the road but the weeds are too tall to see anything....This is
where I saw two Ruddy type ducks in flight several days ago after I flushed

Other interesting finds today included 1 Swainson's Hawk, 15+ Orchard
Orioles, almost a doz. Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, 8 Bronzed Cowbirds and more
ground doves than I have seen in many years.

I was about to give up on shorebirds around here this fall. but when I
stepped out in the dim morning light this morning an Upland flew over and
already the Martins were in the sky....Speaking of martins as I drove to
Bastrop this morning there appeared to be perhaps a couple of thousand on
the corner of Earhardt Rd. and 969...In the trees with the house with the
white fence....There are always lots of martins here so maybe it is a roost
site too.

Brush Freeman
Independent and affiliated Field Biologist
Finca Alacranes., Utley,Texas
The greatest musician of all time is mother nature.

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