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  Started my Sept.post fire surveys this morning.  What a gorgeous day to
be out there and the woods were just the perfect place to be especially if
one is an all round naturalist.  Lots of interesting new veg and this
morning I found 5 species of herps including the first turtle since the
fire ...a Red-eared Slider.  Many fall wildflowers are blooming now but
alas... this is just a bird forum.

   Did not find anything rare but..well maybe...  My actual points did not
offer up anything very exciting but things between points while walking or
driving were pretty good ..and very damp..

  Had one bird that not only startled me but left me with a load of
questions as to what it was.  Was walking thru some open pine forest that
survived the fire (pts.1-2 ML) well off the road under a dense canopy of
said, when a bird bolted from maybe 15' over my head and flew thru the
trees, NOT over them, thru them.  This bird was a lone pigeon.  This is
quite unusual for any Rock Pigeon I know given the pine habitat and
behavior and my instincts tell me it was not one, but alas, I only had a
brief view of it flying thru the needled branches and never got my bins on

  Another bird I can nail closer to ID...While literally wading thru almost
chest high damp weeds and composites, I flushed a sparrow which was either
a Lincoln's or Song.  I suspect the former but no amount of pishing could
get it back up to where I could ID it.  Either one would be my FOF

  A Magnolia Warbler was my single "best" bird of the day. (several other
migrants)....... I discovered 3 pairs of Hairy Woodpeckers at various
locations and had probably more time with and the best views of, I have had
in a long time and as a plus they vocalized frequently communicating to
each other almost the whole time.  I could have hammered some photos had I
thought of it. Usually they don't stay put long but this pair remained in
the same dead tree for a good 5-8 minutes.  This most accessible pair was
near the intersection of Cottletown Rd. and Park Rd. 1C, but a pair also
remains just off Harmon Road.  Folks ask how is the best way to find them
and I can't really say except by listening for them.  I realize that this
is problematic for a lot of folks but, it is was it is.
  On Harmon Road and PR 1C as I drove along very slowly I flushed at least
14 Ground-Doves from the shoulders.

  Wish I could talk more to the great plants, insects etc. out there but
that is for another discussion.  The trails are just great...Go there, not
just for the birds but the awesome stuff the recovery has provided.  Can't
wait to get back out there but figure if it does not rain the night
before...OK on the trails but otherwise one gets pretty trashed.

Brush Freeman
503-551-5150 Cell
Finca Alacranes., Utley,Texas

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