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All of the local birds are long gone. I think the best bet would be to release 
it in or near a Cave Swallow colony. That way it could acclimate for a few days 
and then hopefully its migration drive will kick in and it will go with the 
next wave of northern barn swallow migrants. The trick is finding one that is 
not at an overpass so the newly fledged bird does not have to deal with that 
danger initially.

I have copied the list so hopefully someone will respond to you privately and 
see if they know a good place.  If you don't get a response right away, e-mail 
me a message and I will see if a couple of small colonies are still at their 

Fred Collins
             (281) 357-5324
Director: Kleb Woods Nature Center
             Cypress Top Historical Park
Commissioner Steve Radack
Harris County Precinct 3

From: Liz Compton [mailto:lizcompton77@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2012 10:25 AM
To: Collins, Fred (Commissioner Pct. 3)
Subject: Barn Swallow Colony in Houston

Hi Fred,
I am a bird rehabilitator and Program Coordinator with the TWRC Wildlife Center 
in Houston, TX. I joined the texbirds list a few days ago, and I saw that you 
are a birder in Houston, so I thought I would contact you.  I would just post 
this question to the listserv, but I have not yet been approved to post 
(although I am receiving the emails).  I was hoping that you all could help me. 
I have a Barn Swallow that I need to release, but the colony where I usually 
release them has moved on already. Do you know of a Barn Swallow colony in 
Houston (preferably in west Houston, but I will go to other areas oh Houston as 
well) that has not migrated yet and is still around? If so, could you give me 
the address? I want to release him as soon as possible so he doesn't get left 
behind in the migration.Thank you in advance for your help.
Liz Compton
Houston, TX

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