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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 22:08:24 -0500

I am trying a new GMail account to see if my difficultioes sending to
Texbirds@freelists isn't solved.  I suspect it was my sbcglobal account;
we'll see.
The Austin area Rare Bird Alert is a service of the Travis Audubon Society.
This update is as of 9:50 on July 26, 2012. Send interesting sightings-
complete with species name, location, and contact information- to my NEW
address Kenny Anderson at kennya290@xxxxxxxxx

-Rarities Found This Week-

A possible Brown Pelican was reported off of Windy Point/ Bob Wentz Travis
County Park on Lake Travis.  The bird was seen on 7/21 and photos were
taken.  I am awaiting a submission of the photographs to confirm this
rarity.  A negative report from 7/26 on trying to re-locate said bird.

A seemingly wild Greater White-fronted Goose was photographed on the
western shores of Lake Buchanan in Llano County on 7/24.  The bird was
between Cedar Point Recreation Area and Tow.

The same trip to Lake Buchanan yielded a juvenile Snowy Plover, strongly
suggesting breeding occuring at the location for a second straight year.

2 Fulvous Whistling ducks flew over just east of Utley on 7/24 in Bastrop

A Zone-tailed Hawk was seen on 7/21 above Highway 71, .2 miles east of
Paleface Ranch Road. This bird could be in the Continuing section as it has
been in the area some time now- it just is irregular enough that it is
always a surprise to get a report.

3 Tri-colored Herons photographed below the Longhorn Dam in Travis County
was a nice group for the area 7/21

 -Continuing Birds From Previous Week-

The Purple Martin roost at Highland Mall in Austin was reported to be quite
impressive in its size as of 7/22.  This is a remarkably dense gathering of
the species.

 Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60 mile radius, centeredfrom the
Capitol in downtown Austin. The circle extends north to Belton (Bell
County), south to Leesville (Gonzales County), east to SomervilleWMA (Lee
Burleson County), and west to Blumenthal (Gillespie County).Birdsightings
mentioned here have been filtered and scrutinized by the compiler and are
believed to be genuine. When documentation or photographs were provide,
that is mentioned along with the other information about the bird(s) being

For questions or updates about birds mentioned here or to report rare or
unusual bird sightings in the Austin area, please send an e-mail to

Kenny Anderson


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