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7-7-12 Yellow-throated @ Warbler Woods

Birding is fun year round and yes, I include Summer!!  You never know what you 
will find and I usually find something exciting each day.  Today, I had a 
Yellow-throated Vireo and yesterday, a Black-and-white Warbler.  Pictures 

Other July fun birds:  Bobwhite, Swainson's Hawk, Crested Caracara, 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Chuck-will's-widow, Western Kingbird, Loggerhead Shrike, 
Yellow-throated Vireo, Hutton's Vireo, Black-and-white Warbler and Painted 
Bunting.  We have had 46 species so far this month.

For June:  Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Bobwhite, Great Blue Heron, Great 
Egret, Little Blue Heron, Cattle Egret, Green Heron, Crested Caracara, 
Killdeer, Common Ground-Dove, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Greater Roadrunner, Great 
Horned Owl, Common Nighthawk, Chuck-will's-widow, Golden-fronted and Downy 
Woodpecker, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Eastern Phoebe, Great Crested, Western 
Kingbird Loggerhead, Bell's, Hutton's and RED-EYED VIREO, Crow, GRAY CATBIRD, 
OVENBIRD, NORTHERN PARULA, Painted and Indigo Bunting.  We had 66 species in 

We both go out very early and have breakfast on the Scout Pond Dam and leave 
there to go feed in our 3 feeding areas and check both ponds--never know what 
might show up there.  Don heads back to work sometime during this and when I 
return, I head to the backyard Warbler Pond Viewing area.  My focus and 
postings is of just a small part of Warbler Woods, but look at what I find.  
Lately, I get ~20 species in the backyard and the species vary on this.  It is 
very comfortable out there until about noon,when I finally head inside.  We try 
to go out in the evening, but time is a factor, but the 2nd Field and Scout 
Pond get a shadow across it early and has a good breeze and is a great place to 
spend early evening.  The Great Horned Owls sometimes come into this area and 
we have had as many as 3 at once there.  The Yellow-billed Cuckoo usually comes 
in late morning to the Warbler Pond and is calling around the area before that.

Yes, all of our postings are on Ebird.org and we are a Hotspot

Now, to find out what is happening here:

First alert goes to "SusanWarbler" on Twitter and that is usually before I let 
Don know

If it is real exciting, I post or ebird it asap by itself, instead of waiting 
until the end of my birding

Pictures are uploaded in the field and posted while I'm out there birding.  I 
rarely go to my desktop anymore and that is why this is more "wordy", I have my 
keyboard instead of working on my IPad.

I'm new to this social media, but am trying to learn.  I sometimes post 
exciting birds to the Texbirds Facebook page.

Pictures are at:

To visit:   

Checklist of birds found at Warbler Woods
2012 Checklist

The IPad has really made my life easy--I go through a lot of communication with 
keeping up with birds and visitors and during Spring Migration, I go through 
200 emails/day.  You will usually see me with my iPad in operation.  I can't 
hike, so I get around on a high-rise Golf Cart and my iPad is usually on the 
steering wheel as I'm parked at a viewing area and my camera is nearby.  I also 
get to read the news and if it is every quiet, I can actually read heavier 
fare, but that doesn't happen much.  BirdLog app now allows immediate upload to 
Ebird in the field and is fantastic.  It makes my life so much easier and I'm 
always working on a checklist.  It is also good at finding things while on 
trips.  BirdTunes is my favorite audio app of bird sounds--I can check in the 
field to see if I'm hearing the right bird ID.  For ID, I have lots of apps 
that I enjoy and I have almost all of them, but I haven't found the "perfect" 
app.  I can also hook up to Birds of North America with Cornell to see if they 
have what I want.  BirdsEye HD for the iPad is also fantastic.  It allows you 
to look up Notable Sightings and then, the best part is, you can see who posted 
the info.  It also has bird info and audio included and I guess that is a 
checklist, but I never use these, since everything of mine goes into EBird.  
I'm not an expert, so just go and roam the apps and see what works for you.

I use the photo adapter to my iPad to upload my photos in the field.  This 
allows us to take a picture in order to make an ID and to document what we 
have.  Many times, the lighting is horrible, but the camera will capture enough 
to allow the right ID.  I can then send the photos off quickly to the ebird 
reviewer, our most famous Byron Stone for me and also get help with difficult 
ID's from several wonderful helpers to Warbler Woods.  Most of my photos are 
"proof of life" and I'll never be a photographer, but I sure can document a lot 
of unusual birds here!  If I didn't have tremors, I'd get better pictures, but 
for me, it is all in the fun of capturing the moment, not hanging something on 
my wall, especially when I'm rarely inside!  My Warbler Pond Blind is my Living 
Room and that is usually where you will find me. Thanks to Lora for giving us a 
picture of her famous Yellow-billed Cuckoos that is framed and ready to go on 
our wall!  Those are awesome pictures!

Another good tool hooks onto your audio jack of your mobile phone and gets 
great recordings of the birds--sometimes, you just can't get a picture and I 
have an ebird reviewer with the best ears in Texas!  The $25 item is Edutige 
EIM-001 and available on Amazon or other sites.  With the Black-capped Vireo, 
we first got an audio file and then, got the pictures.  You can use software on 
your phone and share the file to others.    Voice Memos is the built in app on 
my iPhone.  Again, I'm not the expert, so just try this stuff yourself.  I'm 
usually watching birds, instead of trying to answer technical questions, which 
I don't know the technical answer to.

Go birding--you are missing out on some very good birds and Fall Migration will 
be soon!

Susan Schaezler, Cibolo/Schertz
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory Site Partner
Life Member TAAS, TOS, SAAS

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