[texbirds] 7-3-12 Hutton's Vireo @ Warbler Woods

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7-3-12 Hutton's Vireo @ Warbler Woods


Finally!!, I hadn't seen or heard a Hutton's Vireo since May 27th, when two 
were seen carrying nesting material and today, I saw the wonderful large head 
and checked and it was a Hutton's!  I grabbed my camera and was shooting 
inbetween several branches and got 5 photos when it suddenly left and I looked 
and of all times, Don was putting mosquito dunks in the upper pond!  Now, I 
wonder if it was a young one.

We just came in at 950 pm--Don was cutting the 2nd field and I went and 
observed the birds at the pond.  Was impressed with all the swallows and 
martins excited over his cutting.  I enjoyed the Painted Buntings and heard the 
Bobwhite.  We went from there to check for nightjars and had 3 Chucks.

We are out each morning and I return later to the Warbler Pond and stay out 
until 1130 or so.  It is very comfortable out there!  I had several 
appointments today, so sorry for the late posting.

Susan Schaezler
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