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reenvío mail de Donna Smith invitando a ISAN, International Sidewalk
Astronomy Night , en que miles de aficionados en todo el mundo pusimos
nuestros telescopios en algun lugar público, calle, plaza, supermercado,
(claro que unos frescos se fueron a tomar pisco a Elqui) en un determinado
día que esta vez será el 12 de abril de 2008.

Comuniquen a otros aficionados e inviten a mirar la página web

    Sidewalk Astronomers Newsletter  *  FEb 22, 2008
     *Greetings!* We have the date set for the 2nd ISAN, April 12, 2008 and
we hope you will join us. This will coincide with Yuri's Night and hopefully
we will have a great turn out of both amateur astronomers and the general

We've made a couple of changes to how we are organizing the event this year
and we expect things to run smoother and be even more successful than last

We are also asking for your help. Last year, we sent hundreds of emails to
clubs around the world, we got the email addresses from internet lists which
were terrible. So this year, we are asking you to forward this email to
every amateur astronomer you know.
You can use the Forward Email link a the bottom.
Thank you.
 Joining ISAN on the Website   We have updated the website
instead of listing all the participants, we are using the guestmap
we used for results last year. The map will be a better visual of who is
participating and we ask all of you to post your locations. Just go to the
website and on the page "Take Part - Join In!" you just click on the little
globe. You don't have to post a contact email, if you don't like having it
posted on the net, you can instead list your club's website. Just be sure to
list your city and country.
  Flyers, Posters, and Shirts   You will notice that we have the same flyers
that we had last year. If any of you made up different informational flyers,
please let us know and we can post them.

We would also like to see your posters and we would like to have an ISAN
T-shirt if someone would like to design one. Since we use CafePress.com for
shirts, we just need to upload the artwork, with CafePress they are printed
on demand, so we can have as many different ones as we want with no minimum
orders. The Sidewalk Astronomers don't make profit on the CafePress items,
but it allows us to get one or two of an item. Please take a look and give
us some ideas. 
When you send artwork, please write "cafe press isan" in the subject
of the email and send it to sidewalkastronomynight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  1st ISAN Booklet Available   We have printed the booklet from the 1st
International Sidewalk Astronomy Night available and will send it out to all
of our members, but we need to be sure that we have your correct postal
address. There is a link at the bottom of this email that says Update
Profile, make sure you update yours with your correct address.

Everyone who is on this email list, has ordered products from our website,
has taken a class here in LA, has actually "joined" the SA, or has asked to
be on the mailing list - all are considered members regardless of whether or
not they have paid dues. All these lists are combined, but postage, both
international and domestic, is expensive when you are sending out several
hundred and we want to be sure we have the correct information.
  Become more active!    We need volunteers to help with the newsletters,
websites, and artwork for various projects. For ISAN and for the Sidewalk
Astronomers, we would like to have photo albums on Picasa or some other
photo sharing website and are looking for a volunteer to help with that.

Also, if you have ideas for other projects - great, we'd love to hear them
and have you work with us to get them going.

As you can probably tell, I have been doing most of the work on the websites
and newsletters (which is why there are so few) and I'm willing to share all
this glory!!!!

   Our website 
the website for ISAN
be linked, if I have done everything right. Please visit both sites
and let me know what you think and if everything works.


Donna Smith / Sidewalk Astronomers
Sidewalk Astronomers      *ISAN 2008 Button*   This is the button for 2nd
This year we have put this as an item on our website
We are asking $1 per button, $2.00 shipping on the first button and then
$.50 shipping per additional button.
This is so that we can have the button orders separate from  all the other
ISAN emails and because we can print shipping labels easily with PayPal
orders. There is a place on the order form for special instructions to the
seller - if you need lots of buttons, 20-30 etc, please order 4 or 5 and
then use the special instructions to let us know the actual total. Again, we
aren't trying to make profit on the buttons, but last year was a nightmare
with returned packages, bad addresses (which we did by hand) and emails to
all our different email accounts.
If you just can't open a PayPal account or can't afford to pay anything,
please let me know.
  *Quick Links*  * Sidewalk Astronomers


ISAN Website

Sidewalk Astronomy


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