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Hello Peter. I hope all is well for you. If you could, please send the 
short manuals so that I can start to look at them. I am very interested in 
added the pack mate to my package.

At 03:58 PM 8/30/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>With the Pac Mate notetakers becoming more popular with consumers, Some
>of you might be interested in training on these products. We have
>created a test both for the Pac mate bx400 with the braille keyboard and
>the Pac Mate qx400 with the QWERTY keyboard.
>In order to train on these new products, you will have to pass these
>Please contact me if you would like to take either of these tests.
>We could arrange to give these tests at the time of our February meeting
>if that would be convenient for any of you.
>I have created a study guide for each of these notetakers which I think
>might be useful to you.  If you would like these short manuals, please
>contact me, and I will send them to you as attachments.
>Peter Tighe
>Assistive Technology Consultant
>Division for Blind Services
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