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  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 16:16:00 -0700

* Jerry Hargis (CCHARGIS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [000629 14:33]:
> Its a toll-free trial call. Basically you can browse the web in a
> limited way via telephone and speech recognition software.
> >>
> >WTF is this?

This is pretty neat actually.   It sounds like it uses the same software as
the secretary of our VP of Services.  He uses Portico ( for 
his personal assistant and dude, it is unreal how kick-ass it is.  When you 
call him, she'll go looking for him, she can recognize his voice and 
schedule calendar events for him, take messages, check his email, manage 
conference calls, all sorts of stuff.  Like, say he wants to get two people
together on a conference call, he can call up Portico, tell her something
like "Portico, arrange a conference call at 10:00pm with myself, Dan Jones,
and Larry Augustin"...then she'll go call Dan Jones and Larry up, ask them
(or their secretaries) if they are available at that time, and if so
schedule the meeting, if not, she'll get alternate times and check back with
John to make sure he's happy with the new meeting time...and when it's time
for the meeting, she'll call the respective parties, get them on the line,
track down John and get him on the line. All without any human intervention
at all.  I mean, it's bizzare it's so kewl.  You get this call, "Hi, this is
Portico, John Hall's personal digital assistant, would you be able to speak
with John on the phone at this time?" "Sure Portico...why not" "One moment
please and I'll connect you..." (she calls him back and connects us) 
"Hello, Neil?"  


       . /._ o /     --personal="caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 
      /|//- / /     --business="caine@xxxxxxxxxxx"
     / ''- / /__   --homepage="";
~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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