Re: @home shuts down!

  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 10:21:13 -0800

Well, as an AT&T @home user, I'm one of the people getting screwed by 
this.  I can tell you without a doubt that this inferior technology, when
not being turned off because of financial difficulties, is several times
faster than any DSL service I've ever had for a similiar cost (I was getting
over 1Mbps sustained down (frequently over 2 and sometimes 3) for 
$39.95/month ($19.95 for the first 6 months).  I don't think I'm cool 
because I bought into this technology, I was cool long before cable modems
existed and I bought into this technology because it a. was the only
high-speed access available to my area, and b. was the only high-speed
access available in my area.   I'm pretty sure I understand most of the 
security implications of having full-time internet access and can assure 
you that none of the IIS worms in your apache logs were propagated from 
my LIDSed Debian Masqing box.  I had 128k upstream; I could barely saturate 
the lines of a couple doods with good dial-up connections one way and was 
probably the only person using my entire network from 9-5.  The spam 
wasn't me either.

It is now tomorrow.  My web server is not connected.  My personal mail 
server is not connected.  My domain's primary DNS is down.  I have no 
outside access other than via my PCMCIA modem on my laptop.  Later, when 
AT&T gets something else hooked up, I may not even have a static IP anymore, 
or my dhcp leases may expire at unusual intervals and change IPs randomly, 
further fucking up my setup.  Things are not better, they suck ass more 
than ever.  

I'm not being pissy about it, shit happens, I can deal with dial-up for a
few days (argh!), but dood, as much as you seem to hate cable modems...try 
to remember that there are actual human beings getting fucked here.


* John Madden (weez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [12-03-01 08:50] did utter:
> Sorry to anyone on the list who has a cable modem, but there's such a 
> silver lining to this cloud...
> @home is shutting down, as everyone knows, and with them goes 45% of the 
> US's cable modem users.  These are the people that thought they were cool 
> when they bought into an inferior technology.  These are the people that 
> buy full-time internet access without understanding the security 
> implications.  These are the people that helped to propogate stupid IIS 
> worms that filled my apache logs.  These are the people that saturate 
> POP's with useless crap (spam included), thus slowing down everyone else's 
> inet throughput.
> So tomorrow, things will be better.  I'll have up to 45% faster net 
> access, up to 45% fewer worming attempts, and up to 45% less spam.
> John
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