(forw) Another MS TCO factor....

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Interesting mail I thought I'd forward along. :)


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Here's one *I've* never seen before:

"Microsoft orders Va. Beach to prove software ownership"


I don't think anyone has ever mentioned this factor in a TCO
comparison between Windows and Linux.  5 people in the IT 
department doing nothing but license audits for ~60 days,
plus administrative help to do data entry.  Based on a $50K
annual salary for the IT people this puts the direct cost
over $42,000 for this little project. (Read the article, MS
has the 'right' to request this information at any time.)
Then you have to consider the opportunity cost due to the 
work they haven't been able to do while jumping through these
hoops.  And don't forget the admin people who have been doing
the data entry.


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