Re: Your friendly neighborhood warez dudez.

  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:11:27 -0700

You should let them do a dump of all their warez, burn it all to CDR for
your own use, then tell them to bugger off. =)


* Steve Baker (ice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [04-19-02 11:00] did utter:
>   Sometimes the mail I get is interesting to say the least.  Last week I got
> this one on papa, I didn't think much of it at the time:
> -------------
> From: "---- ----" <____@_________>
> Subject: Question about your FTP server.
> Hey Bro.
> I seen your server and I have to say I was impressed.
> Well, my question is kind of weird, but you might think of it.
> I can't offer any new or old winsock programs but I can offer you a tons of
> other full programs including pc apps, pc games and co
> nsole games and maybe even movies.
> All I want to ask if it was possible (if you want) to use your ftp site as our
> "dump" for all the latest releases in games, apps a
> nd console games??  Your site is really fast and I was wondering if we could
> use it.
> PLEASE think about it.  You will get all the latest stuff :)
> If you are interested please respond.
> Sincerely,
> LV44
> -------------
>   I suppose I thought they were wanting a site to store legitimate shareware
> or freeware programs for windows, just like the winsock stuff.  I suppose the
> "console games" and the like should have clued me in, but I wasn't really
> paying attention.  Anyway, yesterday I get this one:
> -------------
> From: "MrDanger 666" <____________@___________>
> Subject: Hello About your Winsock requests
> HI Man,
> I am sure you got an email from LordVegeta44 ... about him asking for access
> to your server set up accounts for himself , and 2 of his friends.
> Well I am one of his friends. And I spoke to the other cat. Let me explain
> more than maybe he did. We are in the need of a fast realible server to dump
> stuff too and then the 3 of us ONLY no more , nor will I ask for more
> accounts , to FXP in and out all of the newest stuff.
> This can and will include the winsock appz that you asked for ... while
> Vegeta told you he couldnt do that I know EURO can , he would be the primary
> dumper. He told me for you to make a request and we will do all we can to
> fill it RIGHT AWAY. The newest stuff would be easiest.
> Let me explain a little about LV , EURO , and myself. We are 3 very
> professional cats in this game , very proud and serious about our work , and
> not some younger fool or leechers ect. We make pubstros all of the time ,
> and run a very family like (as in professional and honest) group. We are
> small for a reason. It allows us to control the environment and the people
> in it. Therefor I take a great deal of pride being able to say I am most
> likely one of the most honest people you will meet.
> I bullshit no one. I am very reachable and accessable. I am willing to
> assist and do all I can to make it work for us both. I know this not a 1 way
> street. So if you could please make a request , and consider my offer (I
> know I come to you ... and I understand you might not be looking for this
> type of offer but I hope we can change your mind) I would greatly appreicate
> it.
> A brief outline what you would see and get. Plus our requirements.
> ALL of the NEWEST stuff almost always 0 SEC or 0 DAY for sure. ISO GAMES and
> APPZ. MP3s , CONSOLES (DVDRIP and DVD) , and some occasional MOVIES and
> stuff like that. If you ever have a request come to me , we will fill it ...
> no problems.
> NO viruses and none of that rubish and we would keep this between us 3 well
> 4 including you of course.
> What we would LIKE as much space as possible (the more the better so we dont
> have to refresh content daily , but it can be done.) FXP IN and OUT since
> this all would be from TOPSITES and deletion rights to our part of your
> server. I would kindly request that we be hidden if at all possible. This is
> to ensure you dont see a lot of unwanted activity.
> Also we would need 3 accounts or a leech account with @ least 2 logins each
> if at all possible.
> Again I totally promise to make this not something you will regret , so
> please do consider it. I am the head of our group BTW and I can give you a
> referance or 2 to confirm the way I operate from one of my our sysops that
> let us use there resources for a private dump.
> Thank You very much for your time.
> MrDanger666
> -------------
>   How refreshingly professional.  Anyone want to hook these guys up?  They
> just need a little bandwidth. ;-)
>                                                               - Steve

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