Re: This list be dead.

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  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:09:31 -0500

And you know what? That BSD-based OS-X is really pretty nice after 
all (now that I'm getting familiar with it on an iBook. It's much 
better than NextStep.) Too bad though, the rest of the consumer world 
will continue to flock behind Windows like a bunch of lemmings 
falling off a cliff--when they could have a solid unix-based, yet 
consumer-friendly, system to use instead. Most of the popular 
3rd-party apps are now available for it. Even my good ole Eudora.


P.S. For those of you who remember Ben Kite (I had coffee with him 
the other day), he's contracted to Apple/O'Reilly to write an OS X 
book.   -c

>Konnichi wa, Bekaa-san et. al.
>>Re: This list be dead.
>No kidding. Last one out, be sure to turn off the lights. :)
>Or as an alternative, let's see if anyone wants to start a thread about
>how damned bitchin' the new iMacs are. Went to the Apple Store at Mall of
>America the other day and had a chance to play with one for about 20
>minutes or so. I'm on the waiting list now...
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