Teknocatz Movie Review: X-Men

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:17:59 -0700

Possible X-Men spoilers below...not really, maybe a couple lines, oh stop
reading now if you don't want to know anything at all about it.

Okay I warned you.

Went and saw X-Men tonight.  Very cool movie that's just begging for a
sequel.  I'm not X-Men afficianado, but overall I felt that it was pretty
true to the comics.  Logan was played just about perfectly, which was a bit 
of a surprise, just the right mixture of arrogant-prick meets badass-mutha
meets misunderstood-niceguy too.  (Favorite Logan line--> Cyclops: "Prove 
that you're the real Wolverine!"  Wolverine (flatly): "You're a dick."  
Cyclops (shrugs): "Good enough for me.")  I thought that maybe Rogue was a 
little weak compared to the comic character (I always thought of her as being 
able to take care of herself a bit more than she's portrayed in the movie, 
but I guess they needed something to be opposite Logan. :)   The script does
an _excellent_ job of showing how they all sortof compliment each
other...something that was often lost on many people when reading the 
comics I always thought...none of them are indestructable, but together 
they're quite strong.   Who could have _possibly_ played Professor Charles
Francis Xavier better than the classicly-trained Shakespearean Patrick 
Stewart?  No one, of course.    

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!  :)


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