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  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 14:10:50 -0700

* Bell, John (JBell@xxxxxxxxxxxx) on [04-26-00 13:41] did utter:
> >> P.P.S. No, I don't have a Porsche (you wouldn't catch me dead in one).
> >>      The Dodge Dakota Quad Cab will be here at end of May, though...
> >>      gotta have something to haul the family around in ;-).
> > Well, no family here, but I went and looked over a Boxster the other
> > _way_ would I own that car for one giant reason: you can't get to
> > the engine without a hydraulic lift!  I was like, "oh, neat, the engine
> must
> > be in the rear"...*opens truck*..."uhm, where's the engine?"  Dealer:
> > "'s sealed off.  Here, you can check the oil with this dipstick in
> > the trunk though."   Call me old-fashioned, but no thanks.
> Agreed. I'm a big fan of bolt-on mods. I like to work on the engine
> that I paid for. Hey, that's just me. No hacker type would be caught
> dead with a 100k mile sealed-maintenance drivetrain, IMESHO.

Amen.  Hell, even if it requires $5000 in specialized tools to change the
sparkplugs, I'd prefer to be able open _something_ and tinker.  Hermetically
sealed cars, proprietary source wonder Microsoft's world rotates
in the wrong direction...

> Coming soon... the Dodge Dak QC with 400hp. Boojah, grandma. Boojah.

Holy hell.


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