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  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:40:01 -0700

* Bell, John (JBell@xxxxxxxxxxxx) on [04-26-00 08:48] did utter:
> Cool... glad to see you guys are moving up in the world. I remember
> our building move back in December '98. That's right, near Christmas.
> Whoof :-P. It all worked out for the best, though.

> Cool car - one of the marketing guys here at Vignette has one that
> was custom painted in the company colors (deep metallic purple). He
> also has a Dodge Prowler that has the same paint scheme. One of the
> company founders has a Ferrari F355, and there are more Porsches
> here than you can shake a stick at (it's gotten to the point where
> you drive through the parking garage and go "*Yawn* oh look, so-and-so
> finally got his Porsche delivered"). In fact, the split between dealer
> tags and Texas plates in the parking garage is about 50/50. Just giving
> you VA folks a little something to look forward to ;-).

*big grin*  I can't wait. :)   I _love_ the 355s (though gimme a Modena with
an F1 shifter...boojah!)  Yeah, I think the only thing that saved this guy
from crucified was that everyone was thinking " what, that's just
'Exotic Car Number 1' for the parking lot." :)  

> P.S. We are hiring (developers and professional services). Check the
>      web page for further details...

Hey yeah, if anybody from the technocracy is looking for a job doing Linux
stuff (or marketing stuff or sales stuff or etc.), feel free to let me 
know as well, I'd be happy to stick your resume in front of the right 
folks here.
> P.P.S. No, I don't have a Porsche (you wouldn't catch me dead in one).
>      The Dodge Dakota Quad Cab will be here at end of May, though...
>      gotta have something to haul the family around in ;-).

Well, no family here, but I went and looked over a Boxster the other _way_ would I own that car for one giant reason: you can't get to
the engine without a hydraulic lift!  I was like, "oh, neat, the engine must
be in the rear"...*opens truck*..."uhm, where's the engine?"  Dealer:
"'s sealed off.  Here, you can check the oil with this dipstick in
the trunk though."   Call me old-fashioned, but no thanks.


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