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Cool... glad to see you guys are moving up in the world. I remember
our building move back in December '98. That's right, near Christmas.
Whoof :-P. It all worked out for the best, though.

Cool car - one of the marketing guys here at Vignette has one that
was custom painted in the company colors (deep metallic purple). He
also has a Dodge Prowler that has the same paint scheme. One of the
company founders has a Ferrari F355, and there are more Porsches
here than you can shake a stick at (it's gotten to the point where
you drive through the parking garage and go "*Yawn* oh look, so-and-so
finally got his Porsche delivered"). In fact, the split between dealer
tags and Texas plates in the parking garage is about 50/50. Just giving
you VA folks a little something to look forward to ;-).

P.S. We are hiring (developers and professional services). Check the
     web page for further details...

P.P.S. No, I don't have a Porsche (you wouldn't catch me dead in one).
     The Dodge Dakota Quad Cab will be here at end of May, though...
     gotta have something to haul the family around in ;-).

Have fun,
John Bell - - mailto:jbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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While I'm sitting here not doing anything (fighting the urge to waste
another evening playing "The Sims") and writing rambling emails...

We're moving.  VA's outgrown itself...yay. :)  We just finished picking out
the new location and it's BIG.  We got to tour it recently and one of the
guys there took a buttload of pics of the empty and undeveloped office space
that we'll eventually be occuping (sometime this summer I think).

Oh...and check this out.  One of the guys _from a company we just bought_
drives up to work the other day in _this_. :)
...needless to say, in a place were all the 'real' employees are still
totally locked out of their options, this drew some wicked murmurs from the
crowd. =)

I think I'm done rambling for now.


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