RE: Kernel needs [was: SCO]

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I already have a copy of NT...

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* Steve Baker (ice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [07-14-00 13:33] did utter:
> really, once you get down to it, a good VM, memory protection,
> networking and the like are all that really belong in the kernel 

I'm curious as to what people here think about integrated kernel-level 
security features like SecureBSD's MDA hash check-before-execute features or
the myriad kernel-level features of things like the Linux Intrusion
Detection System ( (send security alerts through network 
(mail/remote syslog/http POST) directly from kernel, or limiting access 
to raw devices or io ports to only pre-specified processes.)   I mean,
SecureBSD has a database of the checksums of every binary on its system
floating around in memory (I guess) and LIDS is implementing its own MTA 
_inside the kernel_ (among other things).  

Is this going overboard or not?  Opinions?


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