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  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 23:06:38 -0700

Anybody want a job?  VA is eager, let me emphasize eager, to find quality
guys for our Professional Services department.  I'll summarize the
highlights I know of below...

Systems Engineer 
* Starting Salary: ~60k, with stock options and probably a signing bonus.
  Possibly more money if you're worth it.
* Full medical benefits (easily as good as ISU's.)
* Two weeks paid vacation per year and something like 5 days of 'floating' 
  days off.
* Two weeks of _mandatory_ training with a $5000 training allowance. (sortof
  like vacation time that you spend doing self-improvement; you pick when 
  and what form you want the training to come in, whether it be college 
  classes, certification, Cisco classes, anything you want so long as it 
  is relevant to systems engineering or software development.)  The 
  mandatory part just means that if you don't take the two-weeks off to 
  do it, they'll knock you at your yearly evaluation for not using it...
  they really want people to use it. :)
* Paid holidays (about a week worth)
* Free IBM Thinkpad laptop (a nice $5000 jobbie).
* Free personal computing equipment (pretty much any top-of-the-line VA
  equipment you want for your home office boxen.)
* Free *DSL service to your home office.
* RELOCATION NOT NECCESSARY! (That's right, you slags, you don't even have 
  to move here.  You can live anywhere you want in the continental U.S.  In
  fact, if you're at all interested in international travel to Europe or 
  even Australia, you can probably go there courtesy of VA to do PS stuff 
  in the near future.)  If, however, you do want to enjoy the Silicon Valley
  culture, VA will foot the bill (probably way more than the bill actually)
  for moving expenses.

  The job itself is basically, well, whatever you're good at.  Want to do
software engineering, no problem.  Want to do system administration, no
problem.  VA gets a contract to do something for someone like help set up 
a dotcom site, do a security audit, help them port software to Linux, or
just do system administration for them or whatever...they ask the 
Engineering Manager (who lives in some Colorado resort city near a handful 
of other System Engineers) who has the skills to do this job, he contacts 
the people who he has available (i.e. you) to ask them if they're interested, 
they say yes, he assigns the project to them and they work with a Project 
Manager to do whatever needs to be done.  Depending on the job, the 
engineer might have to fly someplace (yay, frequent flyer miles), stay 
there a week or whatever, then go home.  In their downtime (when they don't 
have a specific project), engineers are encouraged to participate in any 
open source or Linux community project development that interests them, 
even if it be merely something of their own design that they contribute to 
the community.  The amount of travel varies around the sort of stuff you
do, which is based on your skillz...if you're a software engineer, you 
probably won't do much travel at all, if you're doing alot of systems
administration, you might travel a bit...if you're a screw turner and just
go onsite to assemble clusters or something, you might travel up to 30 
percent of your time or so.   

Anyway, if anyone is interested, or anyone _knows_ someone who might be
interested...send me an ASCII-text resume pronto.


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