Re: Interesting... Did man really walk on the Moon ???

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 02:02:42 -0700

* Hunter (hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [09-27-00 15:55] did utter:
> > > Against the possibility of faking it, go to an observatory and look for
> > > the "junk" left behind.  
> > 
> > How sure are you that this evidence wasnt planted?
> How was it planted if nobody went to the moon? :)

Heh...totally off-topic, but this reminds me of a joke I heard a couple
years ago...something like: "Hey, didja hear that the police think that
Sonny Bono was murdered?"  "Really?"  "Yeah, they said they thought the tree
was planted..."   

> > > With todays telescopes it should be easy to spot.
> > 
> > with yesterday's technology it could might well be planted ;-)
> But in order to get it there, you'd need pretty much the same technology that 
> is
> required to put people there. So why bother with such an elaborate hoax? If
> pulling a fast one requires *more* effort than actually doing it, why bother?
> Think about this: The number of people involved in the space program goes way
> beyond the astronaughts. Ground control crews, general labor, administrators,
> aerospace design firms, etc... How are you going to keep every single one of 
> these people from blabbing the secret?

Yeah, which is more likely?  I mean, common, this is just getting silly. 
Ya know, I bet that whole moon/stars/universe thing is all just a big hoax. 
Yeah, I bet aliens made this planet inside a big sphere and those pics from
Hubble are just computer-rendered fake press releases from a global 
government/alien conspiracy.  Yeah yeah, that's it...and uhm...all the
scientists in the world are in on it, yeah...and'm in 
on it!  yeah!  I can't believe we're discussing this.  


> > > Also, there is a p.c.mirror that was placed on the surface of the moon
> > > that scientist regularly bounce lasers off of for distancing.  If nobody
> > > went there how did the mirror get placed. 
> > 
> > Did Neil Armstrong called you to give the information that he, with his
> > devine hands,  placed it? or how sure are you about the date it reached
> > moon's surface?
> Actually, I think the mirror wasn't installed untill Apollo 12...
> Apollo info:
> I think the stupidest point the original message makes is the one about all 
> the
> photgraphs being "perfect". Well, *duh*. You're not going to publish all the
> crappy photos where Neil has his thumb over the lense or where a cosmic ray
> over-exposed the shot... *I* don't even pay for the photos I get developed at
> K-Mart unless they tunred out properly... (K-Mart policy is that if you don't
> feel the picture developed/took properly (ie: all dark or blurry) you don't 
> have to pay for it.)
> > I am not a pessimist but still....
> Check out:
> and
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