Re: Interesting... Did man really walk on the Moon ???

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> > Against the possibility of faking it, go to an observatory and look for
> > the "junk" left behind.  
> How sure are you that this evidence wasnt planted?

How was it planted if nobody went to the moon? :)
> > With todays telescopes it should be easy to spot.
> with yesterday's technology it could might well be planted ;-)

But in order to get it there, you'd need pretty much the same technology that is
required to put people there. So why bother with such an elaborate hoax? If
pulling a fast one requires *more* effort than actually doing it, why bother?

Think about this: The number of people involved in the space program goes way
beyond the astronaughts. Ground control crews, general labor, administrators,
aerospace design firms, etc... How are you going to keep every single one of 
these people from blabbing the secret?
> > Also, there is a p.c.mirror that was placed on the surface of the moon
> > that scientist regularly bounce lasers off of for distancing.  If nobody
> > went there how did the mirror get placed. 
> Did Neil Armstrong called you to give the information that he, with his
> devine hands,  placed it? or how sure are you about the date it reached
> moon's surface?

Actually, I think the mirror wasn't installed untill Apollo 12...
Apollo info:

I think the stupidest point the original message makes is the one about all the
photgraphs being "perfect". Well, *duh*. You're not going to publish all the
crappy photos where Neil has his thumb over the lense or where a cosmic ray
over-exposed the shot... *I* don't even pay for the photos I get developed at
K-Mart unless they tunred out properly... (K-Mart policy is that if you don't
feel the picture developed/took properly (ie: all dark or blurry) you don't 
have to pay for it.)
> I am not a pessimist but still....

Check out:

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