Re: Interesting... Did man really walk on the Moon ???

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 100 13:06:42 -0500 (EST)

> Nothing new here.  
> For the possibility of faking it, go rent a copy of Capricorn one, an old
> (70's) sci-fi.  It addresses faking the mars mission, but is just as
> applicable to the moon landings.

Starring our favorite hack'm-slash'm murderer Orthal James Simpson!
> Against the possibility of faking it, go to an observatory and look for
> the "junk" left behind.  With todays telescopes it should be easy to spot.
> Also, there is a p.c.mirror that was placed on the surface of the moon
> that scientist regularly bounce lasers off of for distancing.  If nobody
> went there how did the mirror get placed. 

It's funny because I asked one of the people working at the ISU "observatory"
(term used loosely) if this were possible (to see the astronaught junk).
She said "with our equipment, no. The bigger dishes (she gave some number I 
don't recall) you might be able to. They're really small. Perhaps we should 
hack NASA and point Hubble at the moon...

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