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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 23:40:12 -0500

Quote from the article:
Eazel's ultimate goal is to make Linux safe for the
desktop, to bridge the not inconsiderable gap between
the arcane power of Unix-like operating systems and
the ease of use of the Mac or Windows interface. The
goal has long been a Holy Grail for Unix/Linux
advocates, but despite years of clamor, it has always
remained just out of reach. Sure, Linux-based systems
have made lots of market noise in the "server" space,
but skeptics are easy to find when Linux's prospects for
making a dent in the consumer desktop world are

Why is this? Given the thousands of really smart (Linux) programmers out there. (Of course it's the writer's opinion.) Or is it that Apple corporate philosophy (Think Different, The Computer for the Rest of Us, etc.) has positioned them to have the corner on ergonomics since day-one? After all, BSD-based Mac OS X (client) is due out early next year (beta coming Any Day Now (tm)). And knowing Apple they'll have a fairly idiot-proof GUI which will runs BSD-Unix underneath it --capable of exploiting modern 64-bit RISC (G4) multiprocessing CPU boxes with Firewire for I/O. I must say that even I was able to run the server version of OS X (which has been available for sometime now), bring up Apache, the Quicktime audio/video streaming server, and the usual networking stuff with nary an occasional need to go to a root prompt (and that was because I forgot how to effectivley use the NeXT-ish like GUI features.)

Of course Apple will continue to have only 7% of the market, if that!


Troy said:

Any technocrats out there that have actually seen this yet or know how we
could get a copy?


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