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  • From: Hunter <hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 10 May 102 12:12:27 -0500 (EST)

> Jeez. I guess I landed in the Land of the fee an home of the ads..

As an owner of a DVR/PVR (a TiVo) I find this article to be particularly
offensive. Broadcasting is, by definition, a free service. If AOL/TW doesn't
want me skipping commercials, tough noogies. If they think I owe them anything
for watching thier programs they shouldn't send it to me in the first place.

When is the revolution going to occur? I'm sick to death of the copyright 
holders thinking that I owe them something beyond the $19.95 I gave them for
the DVD or book I bought. I'm sick of software companies thinking that they
can enforce all kinds of crazy EULAs. I'm sick of hearing the Motion Picture
Ass. of America whine and moan about how DeCSS is going to put poor pitiful
them out of buisiness, or the Recording Industry Ass. of America making the
same complaints about MP3 players and what-not.

> Off topic, but related in a round about way -- maybe Hunter can check 
> this out in Urban Legends or whatever-- did you know that (allegedly) 
> the Saudi King demanded that there be no female flight controllers on 
> his route in to Bush's ranch? So guess what? We kissed his ass said, 
> uh, OK! And we rescheduled the ladies! Yeah, we're moral leaders of 
> this planet,  until Cheney says it's more important for us to favor 
> our Lincoln Navigators instead of our principles. Sheesh. Thanks for 
> rant.

I cannot confirm or deny the above at this time. But how would he even know if
they'd complied or not?

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