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  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 12:22:40 -0700

* Hunter (hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [05-21-01 11:47] did utter:
> Amen. BTW, a leaked copy of the report that was suppressed can be found at:
> and many other places around the 'net. It is prefaced by a letter to the 
> Princeton team from the RIAA.

Dood, the other day I realized how much the RIAA really is starting to make 
music repulsive to me.   I am basically abandoning all but music I can get 
absolutely free; it's either stolen via napster, given away by the artists, 
or listened to on the radio...and I can't remeber the last time either of the 
last two occurred.   Fact is, with all the RIAA shit going on, I'm more or
less boycotting any ligitamate music sales altogether (not in any premeditated 
sense really...I just look at new CDs and in my head imagine "RIAA" printed 
across the shrinkwrap.) If given the opportunity to either a. buy an entire
CD on sale for $3, b. steal it, or c. not listen to it at all...I'll chose
c. if not b. and never, ever, a.   Seriously, I'd rather not have music at
all than drive home knowing that the little plastic disk in my Wal-Mart bag
had helped fund the RIAA in any way.  I guess it disturbs me a little that 
I've been so repulsed by the music industry that I'd rather see music itself 
annhiliated utterly than give in to their bullshit.   

(I really hate those guys. :)

On a lighter note...


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