Re: FCRC's Future [was: Re: Bounced message for 'technocracy']

  • From: "M.K. Chatterji" <chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:35:28 -0500

Wow...and I just wanted someone unsubbed from a list.  Glad I didn't ask for
data from a backup tape, you'd have me crying on my keyboard.   What brought
all this back up?  Was there some recent news about the FCRC or something?


Yeah, I had just heard that they dissolved your old position at the FCRC. I also heard that Shan DeSilva is not going to come back after the Summer, so it's even questionable that the FCRC will have a Manager. Of the two staff that were officially attached to it, one is gone and the other is probably gone too. Julie the secretary will be the only one left! (Phil's leaving too.) Sooo, the writing on the wall is pretty bleak.

* M.K. Chatterji (chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [06-14-00 15:27] did utter: > > Neil, I speak like a bitter old crock from history, but IMHO good ole > Yeah is doomed to ACNS machine room purgatory. It's just a matter of > time now. Just like so many other *nix servers I helped to commission > in the early days when the Lord God said that *nix would never be a > serious reality at ISU--they ended up there to be starved to death > (thunder was the last one--remember that one Paul (arc) Cardwell?) > THe few that survived did so because Life Sciences and Arts and > Sciences were willing to battle the Gods and forced them to hire > Steve. I guess our final thumb-our-noses is to point out where we are > now: not only did they have to embrace unix big time, for even the > most basic institutional ERP needs, but they had to replace thunder > and the other services with more/better unix and they even use Linux! > (Mind you, this is the same group that said microchips would never > replace the mainframe, or that they would ever use a mouse! They even > opposed Ethernet, and even the internet--because they wanted to hang > on to BITNET-- why, it _had_ to be better that TCP/IP!) > > The Lord God has spoken again: "FCRC should not be in ther server > business" and so it will be. We are thankful to John Madden and > before that to Steve Baker for its rescue from hacks and to put it > back on its feet. But just as I told you back in the days when we > brought up a Dreaded Unix Box in FCRC, it would meet its death either > by lack of caring and feeding, or by the politics of "control > freaks". I wasn't far off. I think the FCRC will be disolved into > something under ACNS (or whatever it's now called) or the Library, > with some portion of it kept over in Distance Ed., to provide basic > computer literacy to fewer and fewer faculty. > > -C > > > >Whomever is adminning yeah these days, can you please remove > >weez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx from technocracy? I keep getting these and don't have > >admin access to the box anymore. > > > > > >Neil >

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