Re: FCRC's Future [was: Re: Bounced message for 'technocracy']

  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 00:13:50 -0700

Wow...and I just wanted someone unsubbed from a list.  Glad I didn't ask for
data from a backup tape, you'd have me crying on my keyboard.   What brought
all this back up?  Was there some recent news about the FCRC or something? 


* M.K. Chatterji (chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [06-14-00 15:27] did utter:
> Neil, I speak like a bitter old crock from history, but IMHO good ole 
> Yeah is doomed to ACNS machine room purgatory. It's just a matter of 
> time now. Just like so many other *nix servers I helped to commission 
> in the early days when the Lord God said that *nix would never be a 
> serious reality at ISU--they ended up there to be starved to death 
> (thunder was the last one--remember that one Paul (arc) Cardwell?) 
> THe few that survived did so because Life Sciences and Arts and 
> Sciences were willing to battle the Gods and forced them to hire 
> Steve. I guess our final thumb-our-noses is to point out where we are 
> now: not only did they have to embrace unix big time, for even the 
> most basic institutional ERP needs, but they had to replace thunder 
> and the other services with more/better unix and they even use Linux! 
> (Mind you, this is the same group that said microchips would never 
> replace the mainframe, or that they would ever use a mouse! They even 
> opposed Ethernet, and even the internet--because they wanted to hang 
> on to BITNET-- why, it _had_ to be better that TCP/IP!)
> The Lord God has spoken again: "FCRC should not be in ther server 
> business" and so it will be. We are thankful to John Madden and 
> before that to Steve Baker for its rescue from hacks and to put it 
> back on its feet. But just as I told you back in the days when we 
> brought up a Dreaded Unix Box in FCRC, it would meet its death either 
> by lack of caring and feeding, or by the politics of "control 
> freaks". I wasn't far off. I think the FCRC will be disolved into 
> something under ACNS (or whatever it's now called) or the Library, 
> with some portion of it kept over in Distance Ed., to provide basic 
> computer literacy to fewer and fewer faculty.
> -C
> >Whomever is adminning yeah these days, can you please remove
> >weez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx from technocracy?  I keep getting these and don't have
> >admin access to the box anymore.
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> >Neil

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